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8th Annual BMI Urban Awards……………. September 5, 2008

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Janet Jackson presented her music-making brothers —

Michael, Tito, Jackie, Marlon, Jermaine and Randy — with the lifetime achievement

BMI Icon award following a musical tribute at the award show celebrating R&B and hip-hop’s top hitmakers. While Tito, Jackie, Marlon and Randy reunited

Thursday to accept the award, Jermaine and Michael didn’t attend.

The tribute kicked off with dance troupe Jabbawockeez performing a funky

 “Dancing Machine” routine. Music group ONE sang “I Want You Back.”

JoJo and Lloyd partnered on “I’ll Be There”

before Mario unleashed a high-energy rendition of “Heartbreak Hotel”

and Keri Hilson crooned “Who’s Loving You.”

The finale featured Mario, Bobby Valentino,

Lloyd and Ray J teaming up for “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

Before presenting her brothers with the award,

Janet said her family was her greatest

commodity and that she was proud to salute her siblings for their accomplishments in the music industry.


kudos npr.org/bmi.com

Janet Jackson Paris Fashion Week ’09 July 11, 2008

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Whats up with her weave? My Gosh man !

Hot Mess of The Week/Month/Year……… July 6, 2008

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So Miss Ghetto mess(KHIA) is back, this time ranting and raving on her latest blog about

Mr Janet Jackson and Wacky O (Jackie o)

 somewhere in there  she is just begging little Wayne to buss a nut on her (oops are we allowed to say that on here) and 50 cent to sign her….

But, If your extremely bored out of your mind and there’s no reruns on just read this! The juicy parts are in red! She is seeking alot of attention that I refuse to give! To read the full blog click the photo.


Nowwwwwwwww………Yall been writing and asking where are the VIDEOS, the COVERS, the BILLBOARDS, the PROMOTION that BIG CAT promised!!! Hell…… I would like to know the same thang……. Where is it Kitty-Cat???????? Where is the 250,000 budget you claimed you had when I decided to partnership with you, where is the money you claimed you had to invest…. Kitty-Cat???? Its two muthafuckin weeks til the album drops and I aint even got no muthafuckin VIDEOS!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!! Yall done wrapped a nigga personal van and I cant even get in it because the niggas got his baby car seat in it cuz he gotta pick her up from the daycare with my legs gapped open on the side of it……And the children asking…… Is KHIA in dere????? Nasti Muzik 08!!!!!!! Im at the BET AWARDS…. No BIG CAT, NO VANS and NO PROMTION in SIGHT…… Im sooooo glad I had my WEEEEEZY!!!!! T-Pain not T-WAYNE but K-WAYNE!!!!!! Much looooove…… Mama Pain!!!!! Yall did yall THANG!!!!!!

Now what kinda nigga rigged bullshit is dis??? I am sick of tired of lame ass niggas and weak ass record companies…… BIG CAT, WARLOCK, DIRTY DOWN!. Lying claiming to believe in you, claiming to be able to properly promote you, claiming to have BIG budgets for COVERS, VIDEOS and RADIO but the reality is…… They don’t have SHII!!T! They just tryna come up off da Queen…….QUICK!!!! Whether it sells 50,000 or 100,000.00 they don’t give a damn as long as they getting HALF!!!! Letting HIT after HIT go unheard and unseen…. I’m sick of it…. 50 cent where you at??????? At least then I couda got a DAMN VIDEO!!!!!! GGGGGGG-UNIT!!!!!!!! Im da BITCH ya need… But dats okay cuz after Nasti Muzik drop on July 22nd, I aint gone need nann nigga for shit!!! If I make it……. We all make it…. Nasti Muzik 08!!!!!!

Nowwwww. Since we talking about the BET AWARDS…. Ms Wacky Hoe??? You know dat Fix-O-Flat doctor dat was pumping yall Sissys asses up got BUSTED!!!! They got you DRAG QUEENS in CRIME STOPPERS…..For having pump parties… So yall betta lay low…. Dats why Trina aint been going back!!! Yall know dats not HEALTHY!!! I feel that he should get what eva he deserves… Risking yall LIVES like dat……… But on the otha hand……..I didn’t think that you deserved to get SLAPPED DOWN by Brisco…. Imma tell my baby WEEZY to tell Brisco to leave you alone…. You know we gotta stick together???? Much luv.. Poe Boy!!! Holla at ya GURL!!!! LMAO!!!! Now…… How in da hell you let dat nigga chump you off, bout to slap you down at my baby’s video shoot….. Causing all dat damn comotion???? Dey had to excort your GHETTO ASS out the building….. And quess what yall??????? E.T. had to PHONE HOME!!!!! If you cant stand the HEAT…….Stay out the kitchen…..Neva let them see ya SWEAT…… You on the radio crying and airing out your DIRTY laundry and I am HAPPY knowing that I encouraged you to finally speak out on all the abuse you had to endure. I didn’t hear you mentioning a NEW album….. Nasti Muzik 08!!!!!

Nowwwwwwww…… Jermaine Dupri…… I hear you was on Hot 97 in New York… Talking bout how I was ungrateful…………. And Miss Jones was FIRED right after dat!!!!!! If I’m ungrateful about anything its about the fact of how I SAVED the day for JANET….. And I couldn’t even be in the VIDEO…..But dats old news so why are we even still talking about it????? Janet’s album Flopped and DATS dat!!!!! I’m sorry……. Janet…..I hear you been going thru the CHANGE…. So maybe dats why you were MOODY and didn’t want me in the VIDEO dat day!!!! I guess 40 is not the new 20????

If I am disappointed about anything……… Its because you DIDN’T sign me, after I had already proven to you that I can sell records!!!! Is it because I am not little like BOW WOW??? Is it because I don’t wear my pants backwards with my boxers showing like Kriss-Kross??????….. You are Michael Jackson’s little sister’s boyfriend!!!!!! Is Chris Stokes your cousin??? Now datstheREAL disappointment!!!!! Are you gonna join Janet at the Jungle dis weekend, the hot GAY bar in Atlanta?? If so, I will see you then!!!! SOUND OFF……. AndNoooooooo…… I don’t wanna buy no DAMN BOY SCOUT COOKIES!!!! It’s something funny bout GROWN men running around with little boys in uniforms….. Tell Janet to lay off the HUSTLER and COCO DORM SEX Tapes!!!!! Another man is beating YOUR TIME!!! Give it to em raw and RINSE dat strap off………Now run and tell dat!!!!!! Nasti Muzik 08!!!!!