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Diddy on Ellen defending why he let Chrianna re unite at his mansion! March 11, 2009

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Diddy makes a good point!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


1. MZ T - March 12, 2009

as much as this situation is gettingon my nerves….I actually have to commend diddy on this interview! he is right and he did make a good point!
my thing is this……….I DO NOT condone abuse in any way shape or form amongst anyone but reality is it happens…everyday a woman is being abuse by her husband or boyfriend and she stays with him…I am not saying that it is right but again it is REALITY! Chris Brown and Rihanna are no different than the next woman or man that this happens to they are only famous why its being blown up like this! At the end of the day they are grown people and have 2 make their own decisions on what they want and who they want 2 be with! what ppl have to remember is that we didnt like them because of there personal lives we like them because of their MUSIC…and FACT is they are good at what they do! BUT because of this tragic incident ppl are forgetting that they are only focusing on that situation and nothing else!

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