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2008 RNC – John McCain and his Drama September 4, 2008

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Cnn.com reports Sarah Palin announced on Monday that her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is pregnant and plans to keep the baby. Palin also revealed that her daughter Bristol is pregnant and will marry the baby’s father.

John McCain was aware of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy before he chose her mother for his running mate, a top adviser to the Republican presidential candidate said.

Senior McCain advisers said Palin told McCain about her daughter’s pregnancy in one of their “private conversations” last week before he officially asked her to run with her.

However, McCain aides said he already knew, having found out about it earlier in the vetting process.

“She was very upfront about it,” one aide insisted.

Asked how the unmarried teenager’s pregnancy would be received by the American people, another senior McCain adviser, Steve Schmidt, replied, “I don’t know; I’m not a psychic.”

Delegates to the Republican convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, said the disclosure of Bristol’s pregnancy would not hurt the Republican ticket and may make Palin “a real person like all the rest of us.”

“I have a 17-year-old daughter, and they start making choices without us,” said Annette Ratliff, a delegate from Texas. “I appreciate the choice she is making to have the baby, but it just makes her a real person. It happens every day in America.”


ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS… WHAT A PIECE OF MIX UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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