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Video Vixen – Kianna “Na-Na” Lynea September 2, 2008

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1. 2bee-utifl - January 9, 2009

So you want to achieve this look?

They have that bra set at WINNERS $14.99 for the bra $9.99 for the panties…………

Baby oil gel for those dry knees…..

Synthetic Weave from Keel and Sheppard……

Shoes $39.99 @ Aldo …….


2. Anonymous - October 20, 2009

her ass is fake her breast are fake her hair is fake her pic was photshopd, nothing about her luk is realistic , even she really doznt look lyk tht.

3. Mike - October 31, 2009

There is a new site that was just launched I think about a week or so ago called dimeplace.com. If you like beautiful ladies check it out. It allows you to post your very own online photo portfolio.Doesn’t matter if your a model, just upload 8 of your best personal photos and let the world decide who the next male and female Dime of the Monthβ„’ will be.

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