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Puerto Rico corpse kept upright for 3-day wake August 20, 2008

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Am I the only one that finds this strange?

24-year-old Angel Pantoja Medina of Puerto Rico apparently told his family that when he passes away, he wants to stand upright through his wake. Well, his family granted his wish. Dressed in a Yankees cap, sunglasses and a gold chain, Angel was mourned by family members while standing tall in his mother’s living room for 3 days.

The funeral home told The Associated Press that they used a special embalming treatment to keep him standing. His brother said, “He wanted to be happy, standing.

The police are currently investigating Angel’s death. His body was found underneath a bridge last Friday.


1. j-dub - August 22, 2008

So where’s the video?

2. Anonymous - September 9, 2008


3. Crystal Clear - September 15, 2008

yo honestly that’s wayyyy too scarey…i couldn’t go near it…yikes…when you’re dead i’m pretty sure you’re LAID TO REST, not made to stand :S, def a personal preference

4. Don_Balooga - October 15, 2008

yo dat’s fuckin crazyyyyyyy1

5. lola - November 10, 2008

it was true…. I am Puerto-Rican and that happened for real but is not acceptable. Now there are people trying to be embalmed sitting on motorcycles and such,,, He was a drug dealer.

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