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Omarion Update!!!!!!!! Video August 14, 2008

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A while back I reported  Omarion was spotted in Africa with his hair cut!

And you know what, After watching this I respect him more as an Artist!



1. mauri - August 21, 2008

he looks like my moms x he still look good

2. Anonymous - August 27, 2008

omg i cant believe i acually cried watching this video..i loved his hair..but i guess him with out hair looks as good as the braids did…wow..im soo shocked i would ave never thought that he would do it! i mean i was a fan since i was ll years old i think..seeing him with the hair..i mean i was used to it..but now.woah omari..u really getiin old man!lol in a good way not the bad way.:)

3. Fola - August 29, 2008

I was shocked because in practically every interview they talked about his hair.
i honestly respect him for what he’s done n im so supporting him.
Can’t wait for his new album!
Having respect for his Mom is a wayy big thing and i think so tooo
It tru all tha Haters should back off
They only hating coz hes too Good.
God Bless Yall.xxx

4. niskyy - September 2, 2008

he looks very handsome with his hair cut, he was fine before but now he looks more mature

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