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Sunday Morning I got a call at 3:50am! August 11, 2008

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Actually I woke up to use the bathroom lol

This was the situation!


People were screaming, crying, running out there homes PASSPORT in one hand ponytails weaves in the other! <—- ok my best friends mom had her weave in one screaming GOD IS COMING!

Which I didnt understand if god was coming why are you bringing your ponytail?

Any who, Windows shattered, glasses broke, buildings shook emergency task forces were sent out! 

A propane factory had blew up and caused tremendous terror and fear in all our eyes. Explosion after explosion including fireballs shooting in the sky.

The explosion rattled windows many miles from the scene, A no-fly zone was ordered above the site of the explosion and it causes a closer of Canada’s busiest highways, the 401 expressway.

Police brought in buses to take residents out of the area.

Associated Press reports

About a dozen terrified residents – some clad in pyjamas and housecoats – found their way on foot to nearby Yorkdale shopping mall, where security offered them water and a place to rest.

While police couldn’t immediately identify how many people would be affected by the evacuation request, census data of that part of Toronto suggests that there could be as many 12,500 people and 5300 private dwellings in the area around the explosion.



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