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Beyonce “white washed” in L’Oreal Ad? August 8, 2008

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Beyonce’s latest L’Oreal ad is causing controvery amongst her fans because the obvious airbrushing!

 L’Oreal who are being accused of doctoring the picture to ‘whitewash’ HER IMAGE FOR PROMOTIONAL USE.

However, L’Oreal are strenuously denying they had altered her skin tone despite outrage in US papers over the Elle magazine ad.

The New York Post labelled the ad “shocking” and accused the company of making the singer look like a “weird, nearly white version of herself”.

A spokesman for L’Oreal said: “Beyonce Knowles has been a spokesperson for the L’Oreal Paris brand since 2001. We highly value our relationship with Ms. Knowles.”

He continued: “It is categorically untrue that L’Oreal Paris altered Ms. Knowles’ features or skin-tone in the campaign for Feria hair colour.”

Your thoughts?


1. Mz T - August 8, 2008

hmmmmmmmmmm she is a bit lighter than normal and is advertising L’Oreal HAIR products wearing a WIG???? rightttttttttt

2. right - August 9, 2008

Beyonce always has a wig or a weave on. -_- She’s not really the best choice to advertise haircolor.

But anyways…I’ve been to her concert and she has light skin anyway (she lookes like a tanned person)

Either she wears lightening makeup herself or she’s already light. And maybe this is due to too much light in the photoshoot or a little retouching. But they retouch EVERYONE in these commercials so why are people surprised?? A lot of models are retouched to look more dark and tan; HOW IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT??

And finally Beyonce IS half white anyway and has a white person’s facial features. So people should stop saying “She’s a black woman, not white; cause that’s wrong; she is half black and she is half white :)”

3. Not_Right - August 9, 2008

Beyonce is not half white stupid. Please get a life

4. camille - August 10, 2008

What I don’t understand is why does everyone have to comment that Beyonce “always have on a weave or wig”. Who really cares? There are SO many people in the world who wears weaves or wigs including a whole bunch of other celebrities. No one ever comments on Britney Spears “always” wearing hair extensions in her head. Its her thing and that should go for Beyonce as well. Stop trying to make it seem like Beyonce wearing a weave categorizes her as a certain person because it don’t. Its just hair, get over it.

As far as the lighter skin go, Beyonce has lighter skin anyways so whats really the big deal. Stop making this more than what it really is. If you look at her other ad campaigns for L’oreal, she looks the same way. She has been doing this since 2001. Come on people. Find another topic to bash Beyonce with, please.

5. Mz T - August 11, 2008

I dont think no one cares she wears a wig…she aint the only one…its the IRONY of her advertising a HAIR commerical and WEARING A WIG! OMG YOU PEOPLE TAKE THESE THINGS SO DAMN PERSONAL….

6. industryfinest - October 12, 2008

Beyonce is still doing it big!!!!

7. ms Lady - November 19, 2008

Really I dont care let that woman make her money, I am glad they have a Black
woman on their comericals bc growing up I only recall seeing white women.

8. 2bee-utifl - January 9, 2009

ms lady isn’t that what this article is about her looking white and not black???

9. grrrr - January 6, 2010

The thing is: Beyonce is a relatively light skinned black woman. In general, she is not this color. It is ir

10. jazzica - August 13, 2010

I don’t know what it is with everyone hatein on beyonce it dosnt matter how much everyone talks about beyonces carreer is still gonna continue to skyrocket .and who cares if she has weav or a wig in her head I mean most stars do.and as for the loreal comercials she’s a light skinned person and no matter how people say she’s fake or white washed or even have had plastic surgery she’s still gone thing .so big ups to all beyonces haters cause that ma girl no matter what

11. jazzica - August 13, 2010

She’s still gone do her thing so big ups to all beyonces haters.that ma girl no matter what that’s ma girl beyonce is definetly gettin it in right now her and her family and I think people envy that

12. what the heck - November 13, 2010

SO WHAT!!!!!!!???? Insecure MF’s!!!

13. Anonymous - November 18, 2010

Shanme on Beyonce for being ashamed to be black. Black women do not have straight hair naturally. They use strong chemicals to look white.

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