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If you seen one you seen them all right ?
I beg to differ on this one. The pics maybe the “usual” weezy but the article is very interesting.

Weezy speaks on personal topics
The Hustle: “It’s a faucet I can’t turn off, I can try and ignore it, but I can’t ever turn it off. And I gotta keep going, ’cause I still don’t have the crown. Someone else just won Best Male Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards. Why not me? Huh? That tells me I’m not going hard enough. That tells me I’ve done something wrong.”

Real Life: Spotting Gremlins, Rush Hour 3, and E.T. DVDs on his coffee table, I ask him what other ways he wastes time. “I don’t waste time,” he responds. He watches TV, but has no patience for anything besides the ESPN lineup. ” I don’t watch anything where they go ‘action’ and ‘cut’ cause that means its not real. If I wanna see some acting, I can get 15 naked bitches to act out a scene. I’m a real life nigga. Life’s too short for me to die tomorrow and the only thing I know about is the last episode of Law and Order.”

Mama Said: “I wasn’t ever no action-figure kid, if I wanted to fight, I’d fight for real.” Wayne thanks his mother, Cita Carter, for this mentality. A tough-as-nails chef, she raised him by herself, teaching him early on how to act like a man. When he was in junior high, she gave him his first Glock, with instructions to empty it into the first guy that messed with him


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