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Rihanna taking care of her beau! lol August 4, 2008

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I was lurking over at SandraRose
and came across this….
Read what was written under it! LMAO! OmG i couldn’t have said it better lol!

Someone should gently take Rihanna aside and tell her that any man who can’t pop his own zits is one sorry n*gga. Does she wipe his azz for him too?
See, this is the reason why I don’t go swimming in public pools or hot tubs: you never know what’s in the water. Not only do you have to contend with urine and the occasional loose bowels in the pool – but that water you swallowed just might have Chris Brown’s whitehead in it.


1. Mz T - August 5, 2008


2. yep - August 5, 2008

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Chris Brown is like a little kid. Can’t pop his own zits. So funny!

3. janet - August 9, 2008

wtf i bet she luv him more then he luv her

4. Cheryl M. - August 10, 2008

I do that for my boyfriend all that time. And he is an independent, self sufficient man that can do it himself, but why? I love him and love to do little things for him. I could rub my own feet but after a long day of work he does it for me. He could shop for his own shoes and I could run my own errands but we do things for each other. Its called LOVE. And a man isn’t going to let just anyone touch his face and pop his pimples, thats personal and those of you that cant understand that, probably never will!
And trust, whiteheads are the least of one’s worries in public pools, many people urinate in the pools, especially children!

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