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Renee and Tyler Ziegel Divorce August 1, 2008

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She nursed her injured Marine to health and married him despite the fact that his face was completely disfigured by the blast from a suicide bomber. Now they are getting divorced. Having a national holiday created to honor your love is probably too much pressure for any marriage to bear.

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1. Arleen Welch - July 15, 2009

Have you been to war? Have you spent every waking hr sitting by your loved one for 19 mo.hoping they will live? Hoping they can walk again? This is not a made for tv program. These are not movie stars. Do you think that either one of these beautiful people wouldn’t be happy to give back that National Holiday to have their normal lives back? There are alot of military marriages that simply just cannot make it after war without facing battle scars and media as these two beautiful people did. It’s taken alot less to break alot of marriages up and I can tell you first hand, the marriage may be over but the love is not. You are assuming Renee wanted the divorce. Maybe that is not the case. Maybe it could have been a mutual decision made out of love. I pray for all the brave men and women in our armed forces every day. God Bless them all. Thank you Ty Ziegel, because of great men like you I sleep safely.

2. obbop - October 5, 2009

If I truly loved the gal I would have never married her… unless she begged and pleaded for me to do the deed. Even then I may have still refused for MY personal reasons.

I would not want a female I loved to be forced to put up with my appearance.

The female I loved would be urged to find a normal appearing guy so she could have a more normal life.

But, that’s just me.

TexasBirdGirl - March 29, 2012

You have no clue. Do you carry the scares of war? If not, SHUT UP! You have no business judging any of this.

3. olol - February 8, 2010

Yes, glory to poor men and women who go to wage war as mercenaries for other peoples money and interests in foreign countries.
Oh btw. happy divorce Lord Vader.

4. Anonymous - March 19, 2010

*plays imperial march

luke, where is my puffer ?

5. Anonymous - July 8, 2010

he looks like the cenobite from hell raiser

6. serge - January 31, 2011

“because of great men like you I sleep safely”
пиздец, do you mean you gonna sleep less safely when kamikadze kill regular troops in some country you know nothing but the capital’s name about – and, in the same time, gonna sleep more safely when soldiers kill kamikadze there? you’re stupid, you know.

7. Crazy Lou - December 22, 2011


8. Anonymous - March 29, 2012

True love sees through any and all disformities or any handicaps or other issues that make us not normal, prayers to them both. Sad they are divorcing. Thanks to him for doing his service. I am grateful for protecting our country!

9. Can not stand stupidity!!!!! - April 7, 2012

She is a stupid stupid idiot, How dare any of you talk shit about this poor guy or defend his promiscuous no good for nothing ex wife…:( You people talk shit about this man but yet we dont see your lazy no good for nothing a** joining the military or volunteering to go out there stick your butts on the line to defend our country and everything in it, No instead you sit at home and enjoy all the amenities, and have the nerve to talk crap about people who stuck there necks out to defend all the people and future people of america. They are doing a selfless act by being over there they go to these foreign countries leaving all there loved ones and everything that means anything to them to defend ignorant people like you, just to come home in a body bag or horribly disfigured, And if not disfigured then missing limbs or terrible emotional problems. There families have to sit there by there side and deal with all there problems that come from war, and for most families they consider that lucky because atleast they get to see and talk to there loved one again so to them its a small price to pay, other families get to bury there loved one only to recieve a measly “Flag” wow. After going through all that they still have to sit there and read your stupidity and ignorence, and go out into public just to get into fights or have to deal with stupid people staring,pointing and whispering. YOU PEOPLE make me sick. They should just compile all you ignorant idiots bring you to iraq and let a suicide bomber smash into all of you, Maybe then they can come home to america and get a little bit of gratification.

As for that stupid heartless women, Words can not describe how selfish she truly is, That man is the same man she fell in love with,the same man she has been with for years and shared so many memories with, that was untill he selflessly went over seas to serve his country nearly gets killed, comes home fights for his life and pulls through all that, thinking he might get a happy ending, but wait “NO” he does not get to have his happy ending in the end because she is to embarassed to be seen with him in public and cant deal with people and there remarks that was just to much for her to deal with. PLEASE give me a damn break she should have been able to step back look and her wonderful husband and all he has been through, right there she should have been able to get all the strength she would need in life, to stand next to him hold his hand and be the damn wife he married and fell in love with. She is still able to look in a mirror every day and recognize herself, Her identity is still intact, thats alot more then he can say, that is truly a very selfish women. If the shoe was on the other foot i am positive he probably would have stayed by her side!!!

Milla Sprengel - May 10, 2012

You are assuming too much. How do you know that Renee did not want to to stay by his side? You forget that she stayed through the most difficult times, she nursed him. You are assuming he wanted her and she was the one who left him and with this assumtion, you are the one who is putting Ty in a position he would not like: A man whose wife should stay out of cheer sorrow feelings. I think he is much more than that … and Renee also. Perhaps you do not know, but they both still being good friends … that says a lot. I would say, you should come back to earth, stop readind cheap romantic novels or watching fox news and turn your brain on. Think does not hurt, believe me.

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