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Sagging your Pants in now illegal! July 24, 2008

Posted by yosayword in news.
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What the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So does this mean Lil Wayne, Jim Jones, Young Jeezy, Birdman, Plies, Kanye West, Snoop etc

will not be performing in any of the states who are passing this law!

I bet any money when these artist stop preforming  and there revenue goes down, there going to get rid of this shit! 

Guys are hope your ready.

A mayor in the US state of Louisiana says he will sign into law a proposal to make wearing saggy trousers an act of indecent exposure.

Delcambre town council unanimously passed the ordinance earlier this week making it a crime to wear trousers that show underwear.

“If you expose your private parts, you’ll get a fine” of US$500 Mayor Carol Broussard said.

Offenders will also risk up to six months in jail.


1. Ralph - January 6, 2011

Since the youth are incapable of listening to authority without a law being passed, then I guess a law must be passed. Good job on defying authority.

Norbert Howe - September 29, 2011

Hey, Ralph, what should have been done to the colonists who fought the British – they defied authority. So did Rosa Parks, the people who committed every strike, sit in or any other kind of civil rights fight. You just want to control others, Ralph. I say that we pass a law saying men wearing any shirt that allows chest hair to be exposed should be arrested. Maybe even have cops running around with tape measures to see if shorts are too short. Get a clue, ralphie boy, cops have better things to do than enforce a fashion ban.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Heya douchebag Norbert, this ain’t Rosa Parks fighting discrimination nor colonists fighting taxation without representation, it’s the people asserting their standards against idiots who think having their asshole hang out is cool. by the way, how can you run from the cops dressed like that?

Anonymous - September 29, 2011


Guess what. If you think it is legit to compare liberty and freedom to fashion, then not only is your credibility destroyed from the start, but you don’t deserve to breath the air our ancestors fought and died for in the American Revolution and Civil Rights movement.

2. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

finally these laws are taking action i hope this is for every state soon. and who cares about the rappers they make millions and give nothing back….tell me what have they done for you

angry black guy - September 29, 2011

dey is speak to me. Dey is da gooderest musec mackers evar! They is speak to mah sole! “uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, what, what, what, what, what, ok, les go” Hao kins this knot’s spek to ya Dawwwwg?

plus these fags walking around with their asses hanging out asking to butt rapped is pretty funny actually, i say let them look stupid as hell, it gives the rest of us something to laugh at!!! How could any of this stupid little retards think this is cool? (although its makes the rest of us none retarded black people look like fucking morons)

I think it is fucked up though our ancestors fought proudly thinking one day when their great grandchildren were free then they would show the bigots that black people aren’t uncivilized morons. But they are turning in their graves at the mockery these little jackasses are making of us.

All white people see are stupid little shameful piece of shit excuses for black people like “lil’ wayne” better known as “lil’ fag boy” “young jizz in my mouth” and of course “kanye-the biggest embarrassment to black people everywhere-west.

And seriously author how can you even defend this?! The only reason these little idiots got away with publicly committing sex crimes for so long is because they are black, and somehow feel entitled to the world for shit that didn’t happen to them. White people don’t owe us shit, its up to you to get off your pathetic ass and do something for yourself. You are making all black people look bad.

If my son walked out of his bedroom with his ass hanging out I’d knock him straight to the floor, although my child knows how to not look little some sort of retarded person who is incapable of the simplest task of putting on a pair of pants, and shopping for clothes that fit.

Also when you are caught sagging now you get to get registered as a sex offender, which is how it should be! bunch of fucking perverts walking around with their nasty asses hanging out deserve to go to jail! I don’t want my little daughter exposed to that bullshit. Oh and they don’t have stupid fucking names either like “daquerion, quanesha, Marquaerion, or l-da (seriously this fucking women says its “ladasha” cause ” The dash ain’t silent” you mean the hyphen?)

Seriously other black people, get your damn act together i’m tired of explaining that I’m not retard enough to “be black” as these idiots call it, i am black without making a complete and utter fool of myself.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

You already made a fool of yourself by leaving a comment. Nobody cares about your opinion and p.s. stop classifing all whites / all blacks, you are speaking as one individual. Not for the masses. How some people do with their pants will determine the consequences they will pay for exposing theirselves to others. Its not just Blacks, Whites, or Hispanics. Its the youth and what they media portraits on t.v. as fashion.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

talk about retarded. your language in your post says it all. I can’t wait till God gets fed up with all this crap and changes things. It WILL happen sooner than most think!

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

LOL! I doubt if you’re black seriously!

angry black guy - September 29, 2011

Oh I see i’m not black because I have mastered the simple concept of speaking English, wow you’re fucking stupid.

Anonymous - September 30, 2011

You used the term “utter fool”. No black person from Oprah down to lil’ Buckwheat would use that term. You are white. Nice try.

Anonymous - September 30, 2011

Is it just me… or did anyone else use a whiney white Carlton voice in your head to read this…. ?

Don - April 17, 2013

LOL. You are such a tool. Good thing your kind is quickly losing ground in this country.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Well put my brother…well put.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

I am SO glad you said that cause I agree w/ u 100% on EVERYTHING that u said! I hope that the laws do get passed for everywhere!

Save Our Country - September 29, 2011

I agree that this law should be in all states. Some blacks, especially those whose images and programs ie. Basketball Wives and BBW of LA, that are shown around the world are negative reflections of Americans, more specifically blacks in American. Not to mention their nasty attitudes and outlook on life!

Anonythis! - September 29, 2011

Given me awesome music to listen to. Supported my love of marijuana. Taught me how to awesomely sag my pants just low enough so you can see my underwear (if i chose to wear any that day) but no my butt. Let me ask you this! What have unnecessary laws done for you? Um….

Ya thats what i thought… Rappers 1, Unnecessary laws – 0.

3. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

if it wouldnt have gotten to bare butt or extremely low pants, it wouldnt have been banned. its pretty gangster anyway, glorifies jail attire. doesnt really make one look better. just a bit of misguided swag?

4. M - September 28, 2011

It should be ban just like smoking in public places. It stinks, it makes one sag, it’s even done in the coldest temperatures
and it’s not a good look.

5. Roy Bacon Jr - September 28, 2011

YES YES YES !!!!! I love it! Weed these punk ass wannabe criminals out of society! They look like totally unkempt homeless eyesores! It’s about time!! This is just another way for Negores to self-segregate from White America!! The ONLY reason I am not saying the “N” word on this post is because I want it posted and the politically correct black ass- kissing media will either censor it or void it altogether. Put these chimps in their cages!

Anonymous - September 28, 2011

Hey idiot, white people do this too! So you can stfu, you are obviously an ignorant bastard who didn’t have an educated parent to teach you any better!

Anonymous - September 28, 2011

stfu? ignorant bastard? Blaming someones parents because they have an opinion? Pull your pants up bitch.

angry black guy - September 29, 2011


Being a Nigger is not about the color of ones skin, but the content of ones character!
and pull your fucking pants up, YOU LOOK STUPID!

Anonythis! - September 29, 2011

Nigger means ignorant person. No indication of skin color. Angry black guy is right.

Anonymous - September 28, 2011

awesome. You said what most americans should be saying. I vote YOU for president, but just say it…nigger.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Not a big fan of anyone making this style choice, but just for the record what, pray tell, is a negore.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Thank you for that! LMAO.

Grow up - September 29, 2011

I know many kids that are not black that wear saggy pants get over yourself

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Why do angry anglo saxons post hate blogs with no accountability? Words are much more powerful when the speaker applies themselves to those connotations instead of being a indescreet coward .

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

um… all the races evolved from monkeys… i read that… in a book.

6. n/a - September 28, 2011

I think it’s great. It’s unfortunate that it takes such a drastic measure in order to get people to dress like they have some respect for themselves. Anyone who is concerned that it will lower rap concerts in major areas is probably just pissed because they are about to catch a charge!

7. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

thank god for this law i have said many times either pull your pants up or your ass down

Anonymous - September 28, 2011

Phuck u CraKKKas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angry black guy - September 29, 2011

oh yeah i bet that hurts their feelings so much… not! see unlike you, white people are smart enough to not give a fuck what you say or call them, where as you will get all up set when someone points out when you are being a dumb nigger. If someone calls me a nigger you know what i do? I laugh because its fucking funny to watch them get pissed when you don’t get mad. congratulations on being a retard and making your entire race look stupid!

I hope you get rapped walking around with your stupid ass hanging out.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

No, fuck you. No one wants to see your nasty ass underwear or your asscrack. Read this if you can moron: Wearing your pants below your waist so you show your hind parts started in prisons to advertise you’re AVAILABLE. So if you wear your pants like that it is telling other men that you are ready to take it up the poop shoot. God y’all are so fucking ignorant.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

nigger bitch!!!!!!!

8. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

hell no

9. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

Phuck U KracKKKas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous - September 28, 2011

Maturity just swarms around you…pull your fn pants up.

10. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

Ha Ha.. You thought Metal was bad. Now look what u got.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

NOW THAT WAS FRIG’N FUNNY ! Tho I doubt there are too many others (smarter whites AND blacks !) who caught it ! ROCK ON ! ;-D

11. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

WTF? Really? Why do we need the fashion police fining people? This is unconstitutional in so many levels and it aims at a certain group of people. What stops them from fining a woman for her underwear sticking out or wearing a headband or your hats from being backwards. Its a style that will come and go like other dumb fads but we don’t need our Government turning into fucking footloose on us.

angry black guy - September 29, 2011

Whats to stop them from telling us we can’t smoke a plant?

Also walking around with your ass hanging out is a sexual crime and should be treated as such, and thank god it is!

You can’t walk around with things hanging out that you can’t show on T.V. like say your stupid ass.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

you actually can show bare ass on cable after 10 so fuck you nigger

angry black guy - September 29, 2011

oh no he called me a nigger whatever will i do lmfao what a pathetic little mental midget you are. Its funny to watch you squirm around trying to find a way to insult me, but i just don’t give a fuck! lmao! Your words are pointless and only prove your a worthless coward, ps i fucked your daughter, and so did every other black guy you’ve ever tried to keep her away from.

D - September 29, 2011

Its not the “fashion police” telling you what not to wear. Wearing your pants low and showing your underwear or your ass is indecent. No one wants to see it, it is disgusting. Have some respect for yourselves and some respect and consideration for other people. A person should not show their ass in public, period. It is called a fashion, but if someone were to drop their pants and moon in public, they would be arrested and charged for either disorderly conduct or indecent exposure. Doing the same thing and calling it a fashion statement is not an excuse, and should not be tolerated.
Also I agree with several other commenters on this post, it is young people of all ethnicities that partake in this indecent behaviour. However, like most other things “hiphop”, it was started by the black community to get attention, and the rest copy becuase for some unknown reason all of the other ethnic groups think it is cool and want to be something they are not. They should take pride in their own ethnicity and quit copying young black Hiphop people,in an attept to say “Hey, I’m not racist” . This very small percent of individuals believe that due to their heritage they should be allowed to do whatever they want to do and it should be tolerated. Just because your heritage is african american does not mean you should be disgusting and indecent, and an emabarrasment to the majority of your race who are decent upstanding citizens. This small percentage of African Americans get the most attention and therefore make a bad name for the majority of this ethnic group.

angry black guy - September 29, 2011

thank you!

12. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

Thank goodness for the saggy pants laws. No need to premote gang/jail clothing fashion. If these kids realy knew what saggy pants send a signal to other inmates that thay are ready for male sex, thay would pull up their pants in a heart beat.

13. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

so what about those guys that have fat tummys and cant ull their pants up – you know plumbers and such-if anyone shows their crack then it is indecent exposure so I guess whale tales and short jeans are also going to lead to this as well? This law is bound to get some backlash-too vague

14. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

I dont think people should get fined for the way they dress. I dont think saggin is cool and i dnt see why the boys do it.

Jr Bez - September 28, 2011


Anonymous - September 29, 2011

nice.why don’t you get an education and stop wasting time. Just when I thought the others were being assholes you come along and give them what they wat stereotypical ignorance. Well ignorance is bliss.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

your prob one of these uneducated morans that wears their pants down past their asscracks get a job get your family off wellfare im sick of paying for your little snott nosed baby eggplants juicy juice and one more thing you think us white people smell guess what buddy its you we are not the ones breaking out the bootleg northfaces and timberlands in july (because you cant afford the real shit) you motherfuckers smell just like your family in the zoo fuckin monkeys hahaha

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Fuck you noga.

angry black guy - September 29, 2011

that was a bit over the top racist there white boy, but i’ll let it go. Cause you’re right, these little fucks walking around with their pants sagging usually smell like shit, maybe cause their asses are hanging out, or they don’t bother to teach their kids how to bathe. And god, michigan is stuffed with these little bastards.

15. Anonymous - September 28, 2011


amused - September 29, 2011

Pardon me, your caps lock key is stuck.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

u just made it clear to me and im sure alot of people why the meaning of the word nigger is ignorant person!!! do you even know where some of these names came from for example cracker comes from the man who cracks the whip so in actuality you are calling the white man master when you call him a cracker you stupid fuck!

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Why are you angry at all of us. Some of my very best friends are black—not that it matters anyway. I didn’t do anything to you. How sad that after all these years and all the good Dr. King did, there is still such hatred in this country. And that goes for BOTH sides!!

angry black guy - September 29, 2011

mostly from blacks at whites though

16. John Carmen - September 28, 2011

Where does the constitution guarantee the right to expose your ass. It’s not a racial thing. I’ve seen kids of all races dressing with saggy pants. It’s disgusting and shows no concern or regard for others. Just another example of how wrong we are allowing todays youth to act. A line has to be drawn somewhere or it will soon be legal for the perverts to walk naked in front of our grade schools.

jamie - September 28, 2011

what about tight women clothing or cleavage showing. strip clubs the rebel flag. where is the outrage for those things. the Klan can wear a robe.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

I agree, has nothing to do w/ race. Where I live I see white boys with sagging pants.

17. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

Does this law apply to women who show their thongs at the back of their pants too???????

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

i hope not , that is hot

angry black guy - September 29, 2011

yes it does. And thank god cause all these little 12 year old girls walking around asking to be rapped by pedophiles is just stupid.

18. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

To Bad Our ancestors were lazy bastards or your black asses would’ve never got off the boat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

you are all faggots

20. Bill Apfel - September 28, 2011

Only in America

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

HERE ! HERE ! Few will understand what you said but you’re RIGHT !

21. Danielle Thomas - September 28, 2011

It’s about time i’m tired of seeing their underwear.

22. Mike Walker - September 28, 2011

Seen a young white guy sagging tonight, Race has nothing to do with it. Great law! Black or white, I don’t wanna see no mans ass.

23. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

Here in my town Hampton, Ga they have outlawed it. But I live in a town full of electrician’s and plumbers. I wonder if the law applies to ‘plumber’s’ butt as well. If so – our tiny little police force is gonna be really busy. 🙂

angry black guy - September 29, 2011

if your ass crack shows in public, here it is a sex crime and you serve serious jail time and are added to the sex offender registry.

24. ATLNative - September 28, 2011

My city – Hampton Ga has adopted the same. I wonder if it applies to plumber’s butt – and we have a lot of work men that are like that. Boy our police dept is gonna be really busy.

25. Anonymous - September 28, 2011

Great idea just opens the doors for other to host show in those towns that they are not open just lost money for those rappers thats there lost. SO Sad.

26. Bill T. - September 28, 2011

THE thought of a law being in place for your pants being too loose and you just need to pull em up a little bit, is just ridiculous, now any guy that likes his boxers being shown off and gals checkin him out that’s not a crime, if a person has to wear a belt just to keep their pants on well, that’s taking the pants saggin’ a bit far. IT doesnt matter the color of your skin their just clothes and asses, that everyone on the planet has. If people don’t like what they r looking at WHY r you staring at their ASS any ways?? Curiosity?? Too many people bored with their own problems they need to get in other peeps buisness.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Simply put, it’s indecent and offensive, especially to other people whom consider it inappropriate. If some one who is wearing sagging pants comes into another persons view unexpectedly, who disapprove of sagging .it is not the same as them seaching for such people to see them so they can star at them.

You are right, It is not a crime. However It should be a crime because sagging goes against what most people accept .

But even more importantly it is morally wrong.This practice of
sagging the pants started in prison as an indication to other inmates that a person (Homosexual) Wanted to have sex

UNDERWEAR: clothes worn beneath outer clothes, usually next to the skin, and not normally seen in public

27. COOLGUY - September 28, 2011


Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Ignorance at its finest.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

You mean it will look like the countries in Africa?? poor, crime, bunch of kids without daddy’s because you dont know how to use protection and not to mention STD’s! yeah, without WHITE people here to control you it would be just like where you came from. And Obama will not win a second term, his rating is too low.
Stupid niggas took the saggy pants look from inmates not knowing it means ready to get jacked in the butt, and even still knowing the meaning you niggas still display the signal. proof of stupidity.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

White people have hated on us Every since there as been African Americans here I love being black for that reason. all the White crackers have did is your best to hold us down by not allowing us to vote, good paying jobs without discrimination . y’all know we are bigger, stronger, smarter, that’s why almost all the laws are in the U.S to hold down Blacks. you not fooling nobody, The White people probably created AIDS to try and extinct African Americans. my ancestors help build this country while you lazy white bitches fucked cow,goats, and chickens. and most black men would fuck all the white women cause of coarse our dicks are bigger than ya’ll insecure white men hate that. lol lol

angry black guy - September 29, 2011

black mens dicker are no bigger than whites, again proof you are stupid because you simply believe hear-say.

Let me drop some serious knowledge on you brother. over 2000 years ago in rome (just white people) they had built giant cities huge buildings, developed sophisticated art and manners, developed medicine, became civilized and built an empire.

white people 1
ignorant blacks 0

Today in Africa people build houses out of mud and sticks, they turn to mysticism for medicine (which guess what doesn’t work) hunt with sticks, and make clothing out of leaves, if they bother to make clothes at all.

Today in america, black people can exist without looking, sounding and acting stupid, and by god they don’t stink like shit either cause they know how to bathe.

Today in america, people like you walk around making us loo bad, taking ever larger steps back.

White people 1
ignorant whites 0
smart blacks 1
ignorant blacks 0

Anonymous - September 29, 2011


Anonymous - September 29, 2011

but us insecure white men love when you dumb ignorant niggers show just how fuckin stupid you are!!! Racist fuck! See buddy you are a nigger i have black friends but you arent jusat a black man you my friend are a nigger

angry black guy - September 29, 2011

that guy is white! he is telling blacks to go back to Africa! even white people know white people are niggers, i rest my fucking case!

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

ur dumb black ass wouldnt be in america if we didnt come here first from europe and i suppose u believe we came and jus got u from africa but not how it went down see ur own people sold us ur ancestors for sugar u stupid fuck ur genes were only worth sweetners hahaha

gilboit - September 29, 2011


Anonymous - September 29, 2011

then go back to Africa where you belong,sorry nigger bitch.If your own people hadn’t sold you ,we would have been better off.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

lynch this nigger

28. Draake - September 28, 2011

krakkas aint worth shit you country strawhat,overall wearing pickup truck driving bitches you guys hate us but wanna listen to our fucking music

29. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

No…we don’t want to listen to your fucking trash music. Sucka!

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Do you like jazz, blues, country, rock and roll, or gospel? Oh and not to mention rap lol.

30. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

most of you are all idiots. it is indecent exposure in a way, but its funny and looks gay(as in gay guys are looking at ur ass too). i like rap but it still looks f’in ridiculous. in my experience older black people don’t like it. so it is not a black thing. although too many people wish they were black……and why are all you ignorant racist people here, go to hell . go somewhere else with your stupid lives, everyone making slurs on both sides is lame. we all are from africa. oh yeah, nothing is more funny than emo white boys in sagging skinny jeans? btw i am white

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

your an idiot, All you Gay white dudes walking around here with these skinny pants on, grow some fucking nuts. how can you wear them tight as pants if you got a pair of balls. gays ass white BOYS

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

the ladies heart my bulge.

31. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

i can’t tell.AALLL of todays white kid’s listen to black music.rock and metal is done.and for all u white folk spewing your rhetoric,ask your mother’s,sister’s,daughter’s,aunt’s and grandmother’s why white women are floking to blackmen at an all time high.even sarah palin got jungle fever.ask basketball great ray rice.BLACK POWER YALL!!!!

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Uh… Not all of us listen to that sort of music. I can’t stand it.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

you cant kill the metal

32. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Wow. Seems the ones who want to wear their pants around the knees are RACISTS Bastards.

Just Me - September 29, 2011

No it’s the one’s who are for banning saggy pants that are racist. If they outlawed piercings. A lot of Rock listening white kids would be outraged too. BTW I’m not black. But I am on their side on this since this targets them and only them.

dane - September 29, 2011

I’m just curious where it says in this ban that only blacks will be fined and/or imprisoned for wearing baggy pants? You say you are on their side because it “targets them and only them” meaning blacks but I didn’t read in the ban where it specifically targets any race or gender, for that matter. And I have seen plenty of young white men wearing baggy pants. It looks very sloppy and gives the wearer the appearance of being a delinquent and unintelligent as you do not see smart studious kids sporting baggy pants.

In regards to previous comments on plumber’s and men who have big bellies. Most men who are overweight do use a belt or suspenders and try to keep their pants up. They aren’t wearing their pants around the bottom of their butt to show off their boxers or briefs and the plumber’s crack is stereotypical. People think all plumbers are overweight, which isn’t true, and that when they bend over, their butt crack will show, which again isn’t true. Do a little more research before you spout off.

And I am pretty sure that if some woman is walking down the street with her pants so low that her thong and/or butt crack is showing, she will be fined and/or imprisoned too. In fact the ban states, “saggy pants ban prohibits pants or skirts that set more than three inches below the top of the hips”. I don’t see to many men wearing skirts meaning this targets women as well.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

The truth of the matter is everyone is racist. Think about the actual definition; The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. (Thanks wikipedia lol) Every one feels that they are special in some way, or at least wants to. And its far easier to relate to someone who looks, talks, dresses, etc like you. Urban style, dress, whatever you want to call it, is a means to separate from society and glorify an African American identity. All races do it, the way we Americans dress would not be acceptable in many other countries around the world. In the end all of this race babel are echoes from slavery and is a conformation that as a country we still have a lot of work to do socially.

33. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

We are suppose to be commenting on the saggy pants topic, not having a race arguement, this saggy pants is not a black or white thing, I see all races do it, If some of you would have read the dictionary Nigger means ignorance, all of you that are racist are all Niggers.

Mr Mark (@JustmarkthankU) - September 29, 2011


Anonymous - September 29, 2011

The reason people bring up race is because sagging pants originated and is primarily done by black people. Though other races do it this is defiantly a raciest law targeting black people.

34. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

So All these White dudes with this skinny pants on look smart??? hell no. This is stupid as fuck they are faggots. tell them gay ass white boys to pull his sisters pants off, I can understand if a girl wears skinny pants but dudes, fuck NO . I don’t care if you are Black or White. Any dude with some Dam skinny pants on has no fucking nuts and they need to grow a fucking pair. How you gonna say since my pants are not tight I look unintelligent, it is because my balls need to air out. Lets see the law for faggot ass white boys wearing skinny pants that’s 3 or 4 sizes to small.

35. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

LOVE IT!!! I hope Missouri follows suit.

36. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

The funniest laugh I got was from the kid who was wearing saggy pants with a streak in his underwear! Now that IS funny!

37. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

just another reason for cops to stop inner city youth and find (plant) drugs,guns,or anything they want on them. sure its not aimed at a certain group but im sure that if you look where the ticketing came from it would be in the inner city just like tresspassing and loitering laws are aimed at inner city youth who dont have front yards or back yards to hang out in so they take to the streets not to sell drugs but to hang out. i see suburban youth hanging out all the time in there neighborhood on corners with no problem. black people we need to stop letting the powers that be dictate our heritage and our culture what if in the 70’s the said no afro’s in public venues or if you have an afro you must sit in the back of the show. or no tight bell bottoms showing off your nuts. people you are giving to much power to authorities, come to think of it the cops would have to make sure that none of their overweight out of shape asses would have their pants sagging first! I admit no one wants to see people walking around with their pants half off but you have to read in between the lines people!

saggy pants law=more black youths harrased

38. Moumi Abbas - September 29, 2011

BAH! So funny….now they gotta tell the ladies to put on some underware….they bend and I don’t have a quarter!

39. msjean - September 29, 2011

sorry boys–pull em up!! here’s your cultural moment for the day- when Black men were slaves-they were PURPOSELY given pants too big -so they couldn’t run away. A piece of rope was a blessing.
What– you thought they just couldn’t make to Wal-mart for a belt????
Here’s a thought—what does “saggin” spell backwards??? I’ll give you a minute….. …yup that’s right! So in the year 2011, which way do you want to go?

40. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

What a ridiculous set of comments by whites and blacks alike, how dare any of you speak or write this way to another human being? When will you as a black person realise that not everything is meant or directed at you personally?? Grow up, stop taking it personally and start taking responsibility for your life, what is happening in the world is NOT about the colour of your skin but how YOU behave towards others!

What in heavens name poses any white person to presume that all whites feel this way about black people!? Who gave you the right to live in hatred and disregard for all human dignity; get a grip, stop speaking/writing hatred and you will encourage a world that is a better place.

Why don’t people who really want to experience the race war get on a plane and come over to Africa? Here you can really experience your ancestral heritage of violence and degeneration, where the top dog is fat with food and the masses are hungry.

When there are so many more important issues you would think the human race would not have to legislate against what is clearly a lack of respect for others!

I would be embarrassed to be an American with the type of vitriol that is on this page. All of you, ALL, are confirming that America is stupid! Go and check some facts, more Africans can read than Americans and if you don’t believe just read through some of the comments above. America is no longer the greatest nation but the greatest joke and it’s because of idiots like YOU!

41. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

HOLD THE FUCK UP>>> POINT blank period , how one chooses to wear his or her cloths is his or her business.. ( different strokes for different folks) , IF I FEEL COMFORTABLE wit my pants down , who’s fucking business is that but mines.. none of you people can pull them up for me and i wish any of you would try (bitches). that’s a problem that should be confronted by me and me alone … what if i didnt like that people wear suits and ties , who gives a fuck at the end of the day because even with a law people are still going to do what the fuck they want to, regardless of you peoples thoughts and opinions . as for the black people issue , yeah bitch im black , and i totally wish a kracker would try some stupid shit . and get HIT.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

confronted by you and now the police…

42. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

If the column is represented by those that wear saggy pants, I am all for the law. In addition, instead of community service given out, how about English classes?? There are several errors in the column alone, not to mention the HUGE number of comments that defend the writer’s opinion and yet sound like my 4 year old talking. Its disgraceful to all parties to have to witness people wearing clothes that way. Besides, how are you supposed to put in a hard days work with only one hand free all day long? Or do they not work and just live off our tax payments?

43. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Why does everything always have to be Black and White? What about the Latinos?

44. Former Sagging White Guy - September 29, 2011

I use to sag but I’m glad I got over it! Many people find it offensive, and offending people for the sake of fashion is stupid. That being said, people catching charges for this is a scary thought. Whats next? Jailing people for anything “offensive”?

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

It is a fact that this kind of behaviour is setting back the gains of all our foreparents; those who fought to achieve liberation rights, and those who fought to grant them. However, the colorful adjectives you used has rendered your point void. You are just as destructive.

45. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

It’s not a black thing, it’s simply a lack of respect. Respect for themselves and authority. They see the so called “artists” who rap about breaking the law and treating women badly as role models. The only reason why these “artists” act the way they do and say the things they say is because they are getting filthy rich being “gangstas”. Exactly how much pull does a “gangsta” rapper have in prison?

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

I agree eversince gangsta rap made its debut. The moral values went straight to Hell( fast since parents werent always doing their part or just didnt know the impact it make). They glorified treating women like sluts( some women like K. Steffans accepted the roles with glee, and turned it into her own cash cow, whole other discussion), murder as the only few means of getting respect.
And at the same time whites and blacks in music companies saw it as a money machine despite who was offended and hurt and had the balls to stick a at your own risk warning on the front. So they could sleep easier and to stop the nipping of parents.
Now as the Black Panthers unknowingly produced the Crips, at least one member of the Panthers. How can you glorify a fad thats linked to something that means to many that you’re no good? Sagging came from prison life style and spawned side by side with gangsta life style.
If you didnt sag and had your pants pulled up youre white( if you were black ). Still cant figure out how do supposedly “respectable women” lay on their backs spread eagle with cats they swear they’d never be caught dead with. But the fact is since the rappers wanted to fatten up the cows to kill’em later then hold their behinds responsible ( I can’t help but to see a similar respnse to a parent, men or women running from the responsibility as a father or mother. It was fun making it now to own up is another thing). Kids look up to them, so each time they come into town, warn them to keep their pants up also. If they don’t want to comply, then wait till their concert starts, and in front of the audience SLAP THEIR @$$es with a fine. And trust me their is no color with issues similar to this.

46. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Be water my friend..be water.

-Bruce Lee

47. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Me to

48. ching ching - September 29, 2011

I think we can all agree this is France’s fault.

Anonymous - September 29, 2011

Yes! Finally someone here really gets it.

49. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

In all reality, yes people may not like to see kids or even adults doing such thing, but there bare butts are still technically COVERED, so whats next, swimsuits become indecent exsposure and such? Really think about it, theres much worse problems in the world that need to be taken care of before this shouldve even became a legal issue.

50. BrittanyYo - September 29, 2011

AHHH haa haaaa haaaaaa!!! It’s about time! But, please, by all means, continue to defy authority and wear your pants any way you please. The more fines you pay, the more money the city gets. Sounds like a win-win to me!

51. Brionna - September 29, 2011

Its really not a “black thing ” . I see whites ,asians ,spanish ,indians ,and black people do it everyday. Why does everything have to be about the color of your skin?

52. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

If anyone really had a clue then we wouldn’t need laws to keep the idiots in order. This is not a perfect place and people with power are just that PEOPLE with power. One day the youth that you speak of will have the power. What then… God help us all and let’s pray for 2012!
Point being… I’m sure that a lot of people don’t like the look of sagging pants. I fukn hate it but it’s not for me to tell anyone how to dress. As a matter of fact, you people with your attitudes of “I don’t want to see that shit” are fukn clueless. You think that this is your planet, your air, your world. You wish!! Get over yourselves and realize that America was ONLY populated by people trying to flee similar opressions. Accept, I think it was over…. Oh yeah religion!
When will this PLANET wake up and realize that the ones with power intend to keep it that way. What better way than to make the people hate each other! Sounds like their winning to me.
I am a young white male that believes that all people are guilty as hell, selfish, stupid, ignorant, and SHEEP! Enjoy the herd you fukn rejects. How about you focus your hatred on those that made the system hate itself and seperate into those that don’t know and those that don’t care. I will say that my opinion of the word “nigger” is misunderstood and greatly influenced by those that feel they are opressed. Most just so happen to be younger black people with their bold statement of “Fuck You” and “What Bitch” attitudes. You are opressing yourself so why wouldn’t the white devil just let you! I think us whites are the devil along with every other person on this planet that speaks with no clue of why they’re here and what had to happen in order for them to be here.
This country has been doomed ever since they started talking to aliens. After all, what else would explain the sheer lack of fear, compasion, and understanding of the consequences of their actions. They obviously know something we don’t and all of you that allow them to control you in every way they can think of. In that sense you are S H E E P.

53. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

What about the Colored?

54. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

no matter what color you are this is what I feel. No on has right to show their underwear or nasty tale to anyone unless you are in a bedroom. I get so tired of males and females showing off their nasty ass. No one want to see that garbage. You look stupid and just like circus clowns.People have some pride about yourselves.

55. Deanna Barnes - September 29, 2011

i first noticed this style of clothing when kriss kross was out in the 80’s. to each his own, i told my son recently that we didn’t raise him to wear his clothes like that and if he did,expect to be judged for it, i guess for a 500$ fine the future will tell…..

56. Anthony - September 29, 2011

please do not try to compare Rosa Parks, to these idiots, that have to wear thier pants lower than the next low life, they are an embarrassment to our whole race if it was up to me, I’d put them in a cage and sell tickets, cause it seems to me that’s what they are craving” attention” look at me look at me ! if my son was to even think about wearing his pants half past his ass, I’d be in jail, I guess the kids that this generation will be having , will not be wearing pants at all, they will be the ones waiting to break into your homes while you’re working, and speak to you on the streets when they see you on your way home, now say I’m wrong! it still takes a viilage

57. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

why are too many blacks sagging, for what? u don’t gain anything

58. Anonymous - September 29, 2011

what about blacks? why are they sagging too much? what are they gaining from that? its a dark scene for people like us to look at it.

59. welshman1973 - September 29, 2011

White, black. . .whatever. . .guys that walk around like this are seriously f$%^ed in a street fight. They look as ridiculous ar the guys walking around in skinny jeans.

60. me - September 29, 2011


61. Kevin Doherty - April 15, 2013

What about those that wear cloth and disposable diapers and plastic pants? Theirs thousands of young to older people that wear diapers for an intended purpose. Is it illegal to WEAR diapers under your pants now if your pants bulge? Many cops have said YES. I heard it is in Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, and California, wtf. I protest such LAW. Anyone wants to follow my protest please reply.

62. Kevin Doherty - April 15, 2013

Lets PROTEST the” NO DIAPER UNDER PANTS LAW”passed in Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California. Such corruption in our police departments. So much petty.

63. Kevin Doherty - April 15, 2013

Firstly, the baggy pants law, 2ndly the “no diaper under pants law” bulgy or not..
What’s next? Our constitutional rights have been stripped.

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