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Amy Whinehouse is now officially on Wax! July 23, 2008

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I don’t understand why? I’m so clueless.

I thought a wax figure is to show someone who has made an impact on society or even in this case the music industry?
What amΒ I missing here?

And whats worse, she wasn’t even there for the unveiling!
That shows how much she cares now doesn’t it!

Waste of wax if you ask me! Do you know how many scented candles

I could have gotten out of this figure?



1. nika - July 28, 2008

she has made a HUGE impact on society.. She has taught our kids what drugs does to them … Thank you Amy Thank you .. I now dont have to worry as much as b4…

2. Anonymous - July 26, 2011

You knw sometimes when ur someone who has sucha hard life goes dwn hill people like to critisize n talk dwn on that person but what ur doin is showin how ignorant and incompitant ur are when u have no real comment to say about a human being that lost there life to drugs alchol or even depression. No one person is perfect and there is no such thing as normal, I belive that her circle of support was lackin in the love n dedication dept. Bkus she was missin her love of her life n was really under depression. Its not jus a celeb who lost there lifes responsability to tell kids stay away from drugs.. its our job as parents to show our kids the way of life that we want them to go by… blessed and I send out my condolences to her father n family. Its hard as a husband to find out u lost someone so important while ur away….

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