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Vixen – Bria Myles July 20, 2008

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Bria Myles the Chocolate Beauty featured in the New Yung Berg video

Recently Yung was in the news for his Dumb Ass statement about not preferring “Dark Butt” girls.

Im wondering after this outburst how Bria feels and if she will ever work with him again?

Below is her recent interview with www.ballerstatus.com.

BallerStatus.com: Now-a-days a dark skinned model is harder to come by, so how has being of a darker complexion affected you?

Bria: Being dark skinned only helps if they’re looking for a dark skinned girl. If a director has to use a dark skinned girl in their video, then it helps. But that’s really the only time it truly benefits us. If you’re just walking into a casting as a dark skinned girl, then you really have to “wow” the people in the casting because there’s so many light skinned pretty girls to choose from. So why would they go with a dark skinned girl when they can have the light skinned girl with the pretty hair and the pretty eyes?

BallerStatus.com: So is being dark skinned out of style?

Bria: I don’t know. I hate that whole thing. It irks and irritates me. I could care less about a person’s skin color. In terms of guys, I like whatever guy treats me right. I had a guy tell me a couple weeks ago that he’s never dated a dark skinned girl. So I asked him if I would have been bold and walked up to him and said “Hey what’s up,” what he would do. He said he would have gave a “Hey” and then kept it moving because I was dark skinned. He said the only reason he even pursued me further was because we had hung around all day and we got to know each other and he thought I was a cool person. But a lot of people won’t even give a dark skinned girl a chance.


1. Jasmine Robinson - March 28, 2010

That is so sad, and she is so beautiful.

2. kissuredbs - November 26, 2010


3. Rick Ex - January 5, 2011

Its ingorance, thats all… Bria Myles is by far more pretty than of the “so called light skinned girls”…Thats racism

4. Mikki - January 29, 2011

It is so so sad and so so ridiculous how color struck people can be!!! Black men generally prefer light-skinned chicks and often don’t even pay attention to the darker ones. I will not for a second deny that a lot of light-skinned chicks are very attractive. But the way society and the media portray them it’s as if they are the ONLY type of beauty that exists and that is not at all true!!! And just because there are a lot of unattractive dark-skinned females does not mean good-looking ones do not exist. I used to let the whole light skin vs. dark skin issue anger me but not anymore. Now I just speak on how stupid it is. I am a dark-skinned female and I don’t need people to tell me that I look good!!! I get plenty of dudes!!! And a lot of them are light-skinned!!! And no they were not just tryna hit that. They were actually interested in me as person and a potential girlfriend. Society is just A HOT MESS!!! UGHHHH!!!

5. Emana - December 15, 2011

What a shame that people of colour with all that we have gone through and still going through, would resort to such nonesense. Brain washing is a terrible thing.

6. noname - March 19, 2012

shes not cute and its not cuz shes dark i have seen some really hot dark skined girls

7. Dwayne - July 24, 2017

Bria, you are the epitome of a REAL woman.

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