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Fellas – HOW TO SPOT FAKE BOOBS 101 July 13, 2008

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disclaimer – We here at Yo Say Word ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for any harm that it caused to you by the female you attempt these tests on.

Thank You from our staff šŸ™‚

Step 1

Check the shape. When staring at a pair of breasts, try and see if they are round. Too round. Like two perfect softballs. Implants are made to be symmetrical, so if they seem a little round, they may be a little fake.


Step 2

Take a trip to outer space. No, not literally. But if the breasts draw your attention, and something about them looks “alien,” like 2 water balloons were stuffed under a shirt, then they are probably fake.

Step 3

Search for scars. Over time these scars will fade. However when a woman gets a tan, the pigment from the scar area will remain slightly off color. Common places to check for scars are under the arm or around the nipple.

Step 4

Notice the ripples. Many woman have a “rippling” or “dimpling” under the skin. As they move, you will see the ripples on the side of the breast. This is most apparent when women are naked (obviously) or when running along the beach. Also rent an old porn movie and you’ll see some serious rippling from the early days of breast implants.

Step 5

Look at the height. Breasts drop with time due to gravity and the natural aging of the human body. If a pair of breasts you are looking at seem as if they are about to hit the woman in the chin, then they are probably fake. Especially if she never had breasts that sat that high before.

Step 6

Squeeze them. But only if asked. Don’t just run up on the street and perform your own test. When you are intimate with a woman, if her breasts seem harder than normal tissue, or noticeably firmer, then they are probably fake.

Step 7

Ask her to lie down. Real breast tissue will naturally flatten out when a woman lies down. If she is laying down, and her chest looks like 2 weather balloons ready for take-off, they are probably fake

lmao –


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