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Please watch both these videos.
In the first he literally kicks a man in his stomach who has colon cancer!


His response on CNN to the questions about his work.
Note conveniently At the end of the video there is an issue with sound coinciding with Todd unable to hear Geraldo. Geraldo asks Todd for documentation on the healings and finances. Todd enthusiastically offers to provide any and all documentation. The interview is abruptly ended and goes to a preview of an upcoming news item about oil and gas.


1. NIKA - July 14, 2008

You have to be crazy to go see this man after he kicks someone in the stomach and said GOD TOLD HIM.. i dont know.. after all the years of seeing Benny Hinn I never saw him kick, push or jump on anyone.. and hes been preachin much longer than this man… LOL.. this is killin me

2. Mz T - July 14, 2008

he is just another man tryna make some money! lol….listen mi go home and pray and ask God to help you through your trying times…..Dont go spend your money for someone to Kick you….if thats the case come to me and I will kick you for a price!

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